A Guide On The Work Of Building Surveyors

In Australia, building surveyors are professionals that inspect buildings to ensure they comply with the building code and the local planning laws. Below is an extensive excerpt on the work of building surveyors and the considerations to make when hiring a surveyor. 

When Do You Need A Building Surveyor? 

You will need a building surveyor when: 

Building or Renovating Your Home

A building surveyor is a critical aspect of the construction process. They will inspect the site and evaluate the construction plans to ensure the proposed works meet the required standards. For instance, you will need piles to reinforce houses built on clay soils. Once the construction works commence, the surveyor will supervise the builder's work to ensure that they follow the construction blueprints. The surveyor will award inspection certificates once the builder completes critical stages such as setting up the foundation and installing slabs and the roof.

You will also need the surveyor's input when renovating or extending your home. Check the local building code to know what renovation works require the surveyor's input. More often than not, you will need the building surveyor's services if the works impact the building's structural integrity. 

Purchasing New Property

When purchasing a new home, you will need the surveyor to conduct a pre-purchase inspection. The inspection aims at ensuring that the building is safe for occupation. Besides, it ensures you get value for your money. During the inspection, the surveyor will assess structural features, the foundation, roof, and attic for pest infestation, the energy efficiency of the house, and the roof for signs of leakage. Use the pre-purchase inspection report to negotiate the property price and plan for future repairs. 

Installation of Essential Safety Measures

Essential safety measures are fire prevention and response equipment installed in commercial buildings. Building surveyors conduct annual inspections to ascertain the condition of this equipment. For instance, they will test the functionality of fire extinguishers and the fire alarm. After the survey, the inspectors will provide an essential safety measures inspection certificate to prove that the building is resilient to fire damage. 

Hiring A Building Surveyor

Consider the following when hiring a building surveyor: 

  • The professional should have a licence to survey the class of building you intend to build or purchase.
  • Examine the surveyor's expertise and experience by checking internet reviews or interviewing previous clients.
  • Inquire about the surveyor's availability if you need the building surveyed within a few days.
  • The surveyor should have reasonable terms and pricing. 

Building surveyors are vital when building new homes, renovating your property, purchasing new houses and installing essential safety measures. Remember to observe the recommended tips when hiring the surveyor. 

Contact a local building surveyor to learn more.