Building Permit: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

Construction is an exciting yet overwhelming process. It is exciting because it brings a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction to the owner. On the other side, the process is vast because it involves several requirements and challenges.

One of the essential requirements for starting a new building is a building permit. The licence is a must-have document when renovating an old building, constructing a new structure or installing a swimming pool, deck or more.

By definition, a building permit is an official authorisation that allows the owner to start a construction project. The licence comes from the governing building authority and is usually in a written form.

Building permits vary from one state to another, and it is, therefore, essential to confirm with your local municipality before you apply for the licence.

How to obtain a building permit

As mentioned above, building permits differ among states. The process of application, therefore, might not be the same. The general process, however, starts by contacting the local construction department in your state. 

After your first visit, the authorities will give you a list of all the requirements which you must submit. The most crucial requirement includes your details, the type of the building, the architectural design and the survey results. 

The second step involves the submission of the above conditions. The presentation might also include a small fee, which varies according to the state laws and the type of building. 

The last step is the approval, which confirms that the building owner has reliable insurance coverage for protection. You can start the project immediately after your building permit approval. 

Once you get the permit, the authorities will occasionally visit the building site to check out on the construction progress.

Importance of having building permits

A building permit authorises you to start your residential or commercial construction. Although it is a legal requirement, the licence assures you that your property and your workers are safe and protected. 

The permit also helps you to save money as it shields you from the legal fines and taxes of starting construction without authorisation. Lastly, a building permit makes it easy to sell your property in the future as it guarantees the buyer the house is insured, and it is legally recognised.

If you are planning to start a construction project, look for a reputable consulting firm or expert to help you acquire the necessary construction documents. The building permit application method is straightforward, particularly if you have all the credentials.