Important Evidence in De Facto Relationships

It is vital to understand immigration laws and regulations that apply to de facto relationships before applying for a Visa. The De Facto visa is for unmarried partners who meet specified conditions and it is also officially known as the 820 Visa or Australia Partner visa. Typically, this visa grant remains valid for two years and you can apply for permanent residence after the period. If there are children born from the relationship or the partnership is considered long-standing, you may be eligible for direct permanent residence in Australia.

You can present an application to move to Australia as an individual who is in a de facto relationship with an Australian citizen or a permanent resident. The same regulations may also apply if you are in a similar association with an eligible citizen of New Zealand. If you are an applicant, you will be required to present evidence of at least a one-year partnership.

Here are some of the important factors that are assessed to ascertain that the de facto relationship is viable for a Visa.


A signed statement will be required to support the history of partnership. It must have the full details on the first meeting between you and your partner and how the relationship developed after the mentioned meeting. You should also be able to present details on the support shared and when the commitment to the relationship commenced. Moreover, details of any separation and the nature of the partnership during that period will be required.

Financial Aspects

Useful financial evidence in a valid de facto relationship includes joint ownership of residential property or at least a lease with both names. You and partner should have important correspondence addressed to the same address. Additionally, financial commitments such as joint liabilities and bank statements supporting your partnership are handy.


The important household aspects that show the validity of a de facto relationship include joint responsibilities such as each partner's role in the care of a child. Your living arrangements will also be assessed with regard to roles in the home. You should note that it is not a requirement for a couple to have lived together in the twelve months prior to the visa application. However, you will have to prove that you are not living apart permanently otherwise you will not satisfy the requirements.

Social Aspects

There are social aspects in every relationship that can serve as verification of a long-term relationship. Evidence will include joint invitations to social gatherings, common friends and mutual participation in casual activities.

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