Why A Home Inspection Is Very Important

Some people debate whether they should invest the time and money required for a home inspection to be done before they buy a home or whether they should just forgo this step and close the deal. This article discusses some important reasons why you should have a home inspected before you buy it.

It Gives You A Legitimate Reason To Back Out Of A Purchase

A building inspection can reveal to you defects that you cannot see with your naked eye, such as structural problems like a foundation that has settled. Such defects can be very costly to rectify so if you avoid having the building inspected then you will be saddled with that huge cost. If you commission a building inspection and it uncovers serious damage, you can back out of the purchase and the seller will have no reason to penalise you since it would be their fault that the defects were not disclosed during negotiations.

It Reveals Unauthorised Home Extensions

A thorough building inspection can reveal extensions, such as an additional room, that were added to the home without proper authorisation. Such a discovery can help you to negotiate a lower price so that the cost of getting permits for the addition is covered within the purchase price. It may also save you from buying a home that has additions that are not allowed where they are located (such as in a road reserve). Such additions are normally demolished—at the homeowner's cost—once the authorities become aware of them.

It Reveals Safety Issues That Need To Be Fixed

A building inspection is important because it is a way for you to get information about any safety issues that must be resolved before you occupy your new home. For instance, the inspection may reveal high levels of carbon monoxide in the home. If you occupy the home while that hazard is present, you risk suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning that can leave you hospitalised for an extended period. The inspection report allows you to bring in professionals to deal with the hazard before family members are exposed to it.

It Gives You A Picture Of Future Maintenance Work

A building inspection alerts you to repair or maintenance work that you will soon have to perform. For instance, the inspector may tell you that the septic tank will need to be emptied in a year's time. Such information allows you to plan for that activity so that its cost does not take you by surprise and affect other expenditure priorities.

As the above discussion shows, it is very important for a building inspection to be done before you buy a home so do not be tempted to skip that inspection. For more information, contact a company like Jeffrey Hills and Associates.