Do You Need a Building Inspection?

Before buying a house, one of the most important things you must do is have the house inspected by a professional inspector. Purchasing a house is not really cheap, so why would you spend even more money on repairs? This article will focus on what a building inspection can reveal, as well as why you should not skip this procedure.

What Home Inspectors Examine


While home inspectors vary in their thoroughness, ability, as well as experience, a great building inspector should carefully examine all components of the house you want to buy, and in the end provide a report that thoroughly states the issues found. Generally, inspections last around two hours, and it is recommended for you to be present during the inspection so that you can ask questions and get professional answers from the inspector. It is also much easier to make sense of the problems if you see them in person instead of solely relying on the photos provided in the report.

A building inspector should note the following:

  • Whether each issue found can be catalogued as a major defect, a minor defect, or a safety issue
  • Which, if any, items are in need of a replacement, and which items should be serviced
  • Items that can be considered suitable now, but should be monitored closely in the future

Price or Contract Negotiations

Building inspection is crucial because it can be used as a leverage in your buying offer. This leverage provides that if any significant house issues are revealed by building inspections, you have the ability to back out of your offer, without any penalties within certain time frames. If the seller allows you to walk away from a significant contract such as this, then the possible issues a house can have could be extremely serious.

It is true that a building inspection will cost you both money and time, but in the end you will definitely be happy that you did it. This is because an inspection can find critical issues that you could perhaps get the current owners to solve before you move in, thus saving you money and time that you would otherwise spend on repairs.

You might find that the inspection cost you less than fixing the problems by yourself. Contact local experts such as Buy Safe to learn more about home inspections and set up a time for them to inspect your potential dream home.